Siam Cafe

Next stop on our LSG journey was a local Thai restaurant, Siam Cafe. When I first moved to ABQ 3 years ago, I was told this restaurant was a must visit. I checked it out, and I have been going back regularly for the past 3 years.

My first experience with Thai food was both good and awkward: Jasmine and I’s first date at Siam Terrace in Urbana! We ate food (I ate much slower than I normally do) and had good conversations (I asked her questions that I had written down). The food was better than her date, but I got better with age (or wore her down, same difference).

Siam Cafe was a pleasant reminder of this date. The restaurant is family owned and operated, and we enjoy talking to the family’s young son, often around after school playing his Game Boy. The dining room is cozy and quiet, one of those restaurants you feel you could hang out at for hours. It is just a really comfortable place to eat.


We liked the lighting, loved the booths


Our plates for family style eating we always put to the side as we stuff our faces!

The food is incredible. They use great tasting ingredients, and boy do they know how to throw them together. They serve meals up family style, which means Jasmine and I can order way too much food and eat it for days without feeling bad about it!

We started off with a couple of our favorite appetizers: pot stickers and wontons. Fried food! We love them so much. The taste of the fried breading with the meat and onion is just awesome (no need to expand my vocabulary to describe these!). The sweet and sour dipping sauce is very complementary, and we love adding a little Sriracha (one of my favorite things) for a little extra heat. We are both usually pretty close to full after both of these are gone, but why mess with a good routine?


Wontons and pot stickers!

For entrees, we stuck with our tried and true: Pud Thai w/ chicken (me) and Orange Chicken served w/ white rice (Jasmine). Noms. It was good (not going to try and stretch the vocabulary on that one).


Orange Chicken


Pud Thai w/ Chicken

The Pud Thai noodles were cooked perfectly and the peanuts/chili are a great flavor addition. The dish is spiced really well, the chicken is juicy, and the portion is HUGE! To recap, its a win, win, and win.

The Orange Chicken was also good. The chicken is hand breaded and and pan fried, and always comes out really fresh and juicy. The sauce is tangy w/ a little bit of heat, and we both loved adding a little bit of Sriracha for some more kick. It was great the day of, great the next day, and great the day after when I finally finished it off.


Atmosphere: Family owned kitchen, very comfy

Price: Less than $10/person, unless your routine requires you to buy food for 4! (worth it)

Food: Local, fresh, delicious Thai food

We hope to be great friends with the owners, and we certainly think food that keeps us coming back so often is a great icebreaker!

Siam Cafe on Urbanspoon

Happy eating!





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