Village Pizza

My wife has been getting more and more into every day photography. She had been wanting to take pictures of cool and natural places, different than the dirt, dirt, and dirt you see in some spots of New Mexico. Corrales is a great place to see a different New Mexico. And, it just so happens, a great place to eat!

Opened 20+ years ago, Village Pizza in Corrales has been serving up some of the best pizza in Albuquerque. Family owned since its inception, this local restaurant has been a favorite of our native Albuquerque friends for quite some time. We were really excited to visit together for the first time!

In short, we were anything but disappointed. We tried the lunch buffet (less than $10/each) to get a taste of as much as we could. I skipped breakfast, brought my appetite, and left my belt at home for this one. Four plates later, I knew it was a good call.

What we ate: Pepperoni/Green Chile, Pepperoni, Cheeseburger Pizza, Spinach, Breadsticks, Cinnamon Sticks, and Salad Bar.


Plates 1&2 of 4 #nobeltneeded

What we thought: The Salad bar was great. No frills, just good tasting, fresh ingredients. The breadsticks were delicious. They had a great garlic butter flavor, and they were seasoned well. I also really enjoyed the home made ranch dressing with them. All in all, great start to the meal!


These are a few of my favorite things!

We’d recommend the pizza to anyone! The crust tasted great and wasn’t too thin, the toppings were fresh, tasty, and piled high, and the sauce was very flavorful. The pizza also wasn’t super greasy, something my wife really appreciates. My favorite was the cheeseburger pizza (ground beef, cheddar cheese, and green chili), and my wife really enjoyed the spinach pizza. All our slices were great, we only wished we had more room to try more!


Loved the Cheeseburger Pizza!

The decor and feel of the restaurant was just really cool. It was very laid back and we thought really depicted Corrales well. Loved the wood ceiling, loved the knick knacks, and loved the art on the wall. They had a great patio too. As Jasmine and I were leaving, we were already planning our next visit to the Village Pizza patio (if the wind lets us).


Atmosphere: New Mexican, laid back, great place to eat and talk w/friends

Price: Less than $10/person, even for the buffet!

Food: Local, fresh, pizza (simple and good too!)

Without a doubt, worth a trip to Corrales. Great scenery, better food.

Village Pizza on Urbanspoon


We loved the atmosphere and decor!



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