LSG is back! After a short hiatus (not sure if two moths counts as a hiatus, but I am going to go with it), the LSG blog is back in business. I’ll be turning out a new post every Thursday on the local food everyone should check out. Thanks for sticking with us! Up first […]

Next stop on our LSG journey was a local Thai restaurant, Siam Cafe. When I first moved to ABQ 3 years ago, I was told this restaurant was a must visit. I checked it out, and I have been going back regularly for the past 3 years. My first experience with Thai food was both good and […]

My wife has been getting more and more into every day photography. She had been wanting to take pictures of cool and natural places, different than the dirt, dirt, and dirt you see in some spots of New Mexico. Corrales is a great place to see a different New Mexico. And, it just so happens, […]

The To Go Box is a small side section of this blog where I talk through some of the ways I learned to dine on a budget during college. They aren’t the most extravagant methods, but they work. Here’s the first one: On a budget? Love going out to eat? Willing to throw your pride […]

Next stop in our LSG journey was The Last Call. Opened in April 2012, Executive Chef Luis Enrique Valdovinos has been cooking up Baja Mexican Street cuisine to the Nob Hill community. Originally operating out of a food truck in San Diego, Chef Luis moved to Albuquerque to bring a new cuisine to an area […]

The ABQ Brew Pub was the perfect place to kick off my blogging career. Why? Because it is my perfect scene: local, simple, and good (Do you get the blog title?). But the food is also spicy, creative, and in large portions (one of the attributes I am always looking for!). For visitors to New […]

Here are the ground rules for food reviews on LSG . We’ll be using our name as the guide: local, simple, and good. Local – If you can find the restaurant somewhere else, then you won’t find it here. LSG will be focusing specifically on the spots locals know, love, and frequent.  You may find a few chain restaurants […]